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Sixth Year Graduate Student

Hometown: McDonough, GA

B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics
Clayton State University

  1. “Variations of Distance-Based Invariants of Trees”
    M. A. Bartlett, E. Krop, C. Magnant, F. Mutiso, and H. Wang J. Comb. Math. Comb. Comput. 2014 91, 19-29
  2. “Ring-Walking of Zerovalent Nickel on Aryl Halides”
    J. A. Bilbrey, A. N. Bootsma, M. A. Bartlett, J. Locklin, S. E. Wheeler, and W. D. Allen J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2017
  3. “Tunneling Isomerizations on the Potential Energy Surfaces of Formaldehyde and Methanol Radical Cations”
    J. P. Wagner, M. A. Bartlett, W. D. Allen, and M. A. Duncan ACS Earth Space Chem. 2017